Connecting enterprise asset management information

Every organisation needs an asset system of record. You have invested significant capital in acquiring your collection of assets and need to know how to optimise the return on these investments across their respective life cycles. Knowing each asset’s location, condition and how it functions.

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Asset system of record

Create a detailed asset registry, combined with internal and external parts and support descriptions. Define and maintain hierarchical and list-based asset and component structures. Link the assets to asset types, from where commonality can be defined and configuration inherited.

With On Key Asset Register, you can:

  • Manage an asset registry with linked components and parts across single and multiple sites
  • Maintenance plans for all asset types and assets
  • Serial number tracking and tracking of rotable movement
  • Statistical analysis of equipment performance and reliability
  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Warranty tracking to component
  • Linear asset management — defining and maintaining linear structures (pipes, wires, rail, roads)

Scheduling and execution of maintenance work

Manage the complete work planning and control process. Start with work identification, planning, scheduling, allocation to resources. Enable technicians to receive instructions through mobile devices. Capture feedback, review, closeout and update maintenance plans.

With On Key Maintenance Manager, you can:

  • Create service or work requests, fault reporting
  • Preventive maintenance (time-based or usage-based) — creating recurring maintenance work based on a schedule
  • Long-term maintenance plans, project and work schedules
  • Resource planning capabilities to match skills, training and availability with work requirements
  • Condition-based triggers and alerts creating work orders
  • Permit-to-work functions
  • Mobile app supporting online and offline mode, enabling mobile workers

Spare parts planning

Prioritise your maintenance, repair-and-operations (MRO) spares planning. Understanding spending patterns, understanding MRO demands, plan for procurement, identify critical spares.

With On Key Materials Manager, you can:

  • Support complex spending methods like stocked items, nonstock items, direct purchases, contractors.
  • Demand planning linked to maintenance plans and reorder levels.
  • Maintenance plans enabling requesting parts and materials for both stocked and nonstock items; capability of procurement management and supplier management.
  • Flexible, supported integration with ERP and financial packages.

Features that grow with your business

Organisations are never the same. Maturity levels differ, business priorities differ, capabilities and constraints differ.

On Key is designed with the philosophy to cater for any business and any industry. It allows for the configuration of features to be used in a basic manner, and then to add sophistication as the business process matures.

The starting point will always be to get the basics in place, to embed process discipline and to get the system to work for you. But you need to have the confidence that the system will support your future requirements.