On Key Connect

Communicate with smart physical assets

Leverage Industry 4.0 technology. Communicate with smart assets. On Key Connect connects physical assets with digital twins. Powerful edge processing transfers data to the cloud enabling real-time visualisation.

Connected Transformer

Always know the health of your critical oil-filled transformer and reduce the risk of failure and downtime.

This Connected Transformer product will deliver the following value:

  • Peace of mind that your critical asset is being monitored continuously
  • Prevent downtime of your production processes with the help of alarms and notifications warning you in advance of insulation anomalies
  • Predictive maintenance with an automated work management process where work orders are created without any human intervention using On Key EAMS
  • Insight into the performance of your asset with the help of On Key Insights to identify any failure trends developing
  • Real-time view of your transformer’s insulation condition

Case study

Connected Utilities

Gain transparency of your water and energy usage and take action to reduce costs and impact on the environment.

The Connected Utilities product will help you to monitor the following in real-time:

  • Abnormal energy and water usage
  • Hourly/Daily energy and water usage
  • Standby generator’s condition, performance and operation
  • Visualise real-time data
  • Integrate real-time data into the On Key EAMS application for effectively and efficiently closing out any raised alarms using On Key’s Work Management features
  • Automatically export the real-time data to either a SQL or Mongo database for storage and detailed analytics purposes


Key Benefits

  • Connect to many types of devices and systems to monitor your asset’s condition and operational states.
  • On Key Connect’s technology stack provides interoperability by making it possible to acquire data from existing legacy, smart or complex systems.
  • Packaged IIoT solutions are available for various asset types with tested data acquisition hardware and sensors, pre-developed workflows and real-time dashboards, On Key Insights analytics models and EAMS integration.
  • Supported IIoT solutions guarantee up-time of all hardware and software components.