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The Pragma group of companies is the proud owner of the On Key Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM system). On Key results from decades of industry experience, research, and a focused dedication to delivering asset management value to small and large enterprises across various industries. On Key’s research and development are the unique, combined effort of a diverse team of engineers, analysts, and dedicated software developers.

Driven by software engineering values of clean code, simplicity, and repeatedly and fast feedback, we use core engineering practices like collective code ownership, test-driven development, continuous integration, simple design and refactoring to build software that delights our clients and allow for rapid change with confidence both in the short and long term.

The core On Key EAM application is primarily developed using C# and ASP.NET Core, leveraging the robust PostgreSQL database technology as its data tier. The flexible system architecture employs Kafka as its messaging technology, facilitating effective horizontal and vertical scaling to accommodate various workloads, from small single-tenant setups to expansive multi-tenant installations.

A comprehensive OpenAPI-compliant RESTful API spans the full range of system features and supports popular identity management services, enabling seamless integration into any organization’s enterprise architecture. The core On Key EAM includes a standards-based user interface built with HTML5, CSS3+, and JavaScript, ensuring accessibility across all evergreen web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, with customisation options to suit different user roles.

In addition to the core application, specialized progressive web apps (PWAs) extend functionality to desktop and mobile devices, supporting use cases such as offline work order completion, service request logging, and more. On Key EAM enhances data visualization, analytics, reporting, and search capabilities through technologies like Qlik Sense for business intelligence, Elastic Stack for in-app searches, and Wyn Enterprise for traditional reports and dashboards.

The popular Boomi iPaaS platform facilitates integration with other enterprise applications, and asset measurement data collection is supported through a Microsoft Azure-based IoT solution included with the product.

Our organisation is ISO 27001 certified and On Key is a secure hosted software solution from data centres in South Africa and North Europe (Ireland).

Client involvement

Since 1992, a client partnership approach has contributed to the continuous improvement of On Key’s functionality. Because On Key increases our clients’ competitive advantage, it is a critical part of their long term asset management strategies and they have a vested interest in On Key’s development and optimisation. Globally we have built a satisfied and loyal client base in which On Key stood the test of purposeful design, superior functionality and knowledgeable consultative support when compared to other global competitors.

Asset management expertise | ISO 55000

Pragma’s valuable contribution to the development of the global standard for the management of assets, ISO 55000, attests to our team’s in-depth understanding of asset management and the requirements of and for an EAM system. The correct configuration, implementation and effective use of an EAM system is fundamental in realising the benefits of proper asset management as outlined in ISO 55000.

The best of breed EAM system

In itself no EAM system is the silver bullet to increased asset performance, contained risk and keeping costs down. If you are committed to responsible asset management, On Key and its supporting asset management business processes give you the competitive edge by directly contributing to improved efficiency and profitability.

On Key is a Verdantix Green Quadrant Leader

Backed by over three decades of engineering expertise, On Key EAM is recognised as a market leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant: Enterprise Asset Management Software 2022 report. The report looks at the technical capabilities, application breadth and momentum of the most prominent enterprise asset management (EAM) software – also called maintenance or CMMS systems. Read more here.

Verdantix Green Quadrant Industrial EAM Software On Key


Semiotic Labs – Semiotic Labs provides data science services through algorithm development, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

ISO IEC 270012013 certified


We are a proud member of the Make UK community. We see our involvement here as an opportunity to have open discussions about smart and responsible manufacturing, specifically pertaining to the role of maintenance and asset management.


On Key EAMS is owned by Pragma. As a team, we foster an inclusive environment where individuals get the opportunity to enjoy their working lives as much as their home lives while playing to their strengths. We are passionate about finding employees who match our culture and integrate well with our R&D team, who are the system’s custodians. For this reason, we identify the strengths needed within every vacancy before recruitment and evaluate shortlisted applicants’ profiles in terms of these requirements.

Which part of your work, team or company get you pumped up and ready every day?

For more information about the holding company, our culture and career opportunities, please visit the Pragma website.  If you’re looking for opportunities to join our team, register your profile and browse available positions here.


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