Manufacturers only deserve the best maintenance management system. On Key EAMS.

Transform your maintenance

Tackle spiraling costs, boost equipment availability and equip your technicians for peak efficiency

If you need

  • Custom maintenance management system implementation and configuration,
  • Pre-made maintenance plans for standard equipment,
  • Expertly designed dashboards and reports with key KPIs,
  • To cut maintenance costs by 20%-30%,
  • To shift to preventive maintenance, minimise unplanned stops, and
  • Enjoy specialised features from a Verdantix EAM Green Quadrant leader.

Consider it done!

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We are confident that On Key will give your asset management a step change.

Peak efficiency switched on centrally

On Key is the central hub of all the asset and maintenance-related data and processes for manufacturers globally.  No matter the size or location of your asset base, On Key provides all the computerised maintenance management features you require.  And more.

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Trusted by top manufacturers, On Key empowers them to harness the full potential of their equipment and plant data, driving informed decisions, process transformation, and ensuring the safety and reliability of their assets.