Facilities managers understand the importance of making optimal use of time and resources. On Key is an enterprise asset management system that helps facilities and maintenance managers overcome work challenges and drive more efficient operations.

By leveraging On Key’s robust EAMS, purposeful suite of apps and powerful analytics capabilities, facilities managers can:

  • Packaged Solution | On Key offers a plug-and-play commercial facility solution that consists of a ‘prepopulated environment’ that includes asset types, best-practice preventive maintenance tasks, a streamlined workflow process, and a set of dashboards ready to be used.
  • Time to Value | On Key is geared for rapid deployment using the principle of inheritance, eg. defining profile packs and quickly deploying a new set of configured user experiences with industry-defined best practices.
  • Streamline Workflows |  Say goodbye to manual processes and streamline your workflow with On Key’s intuitive service request app. Automate tasks, track work progress and ensure seamless collaboration between internal technicians and contractors.
  • Gain Actionable Insights | With On Key’s advanced analytics and insights, you can unlock the power of data. Identify trends, monitor performance, and make informed decisions regarding facilities, asset maintenance, suppliers, and cost optimisation.
  • Enhance Efficiency | On Key empowers facilities management teams to work smarter. Maximise your productivity by eliminating manual obstacles, reducing response times, and proactively managing maintenance activities.
  • Ensure Compliance | Stay on top of statutory requirements and mitigate risks. On Key compliance management tools enable you to track and address regulatory obligations more easily.
  • Seamless Integration | On Key can seamlessly connect and interface with modern tech stacks, bringing all the data required to connect your facilities, equipment, process and resources into one platform.

Discover how On Key addresses your specific challenges and revolutionises facilities management.

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Software success

A system that works

Massmart, powered by Walmart, won the Global FM Association’s Technology Award of Excellence for the successful implementation and use of On Key EAM to streamline their workflow process, increasing efficiency and gaining a 25% time saving.

Watch the video or read more about the award in the case study.

Case study


Digitised facility and asset management

Make informed decisions on the go

Digitising your manual processes makes them easier to manage, saves time and saves costs. Our first project at Pick n Pay, a leading retailer in South Africa, resulted in a 13.4% decrease in repairs and maintenance costs. Having the right system of record, apps and business processes in place make this possible.

To date, we have created even more value for Pick n Pay. Find our latest results in the case study below.

Case study

Service Request app

Resolve work requests faster

With this app, responsible staff members can log a work request simply by scanning a bar code or a QR code – no need to phone a call centre.



Work Portal

Stay in the know and approve work on the go.

With the Work Portal, you can approve work via your mobile or desktop and see which technician or contractor has been assigned to work on which assets or equipment.

The app also allows contractors to manage their work by status and assign work to the appropriate technicians on a user-friendly portal.

Field Engineering app

Be in the know

The Field Engineering app lets you know the exact progress of a repair as it happens. How does it work?

Technicians provide real-time feedback, failure analysis, photos and voice notes whilst performing work with an app that guides them through the entire process.