On Key Action

Simplifying asset management activities

Be more focused. Take actions quickly. On Key Action allows you to optimise, automate and simplify your maintenance activities with a set of focused asset and facility management apps that your people and contractors will love.

“In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.” ~ Klaus Schwab


HSSE app

Get more people to contribute to your HSSE awareness and improvement. Enable different stakeholders to log and categorise HSSE-related events by simply navigating to a link with their smart device. Receive more data, respond more quickly, and improve the safety of your facility.

With the HSSE app, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate withemail linked to staff member
  • Select the type of HSSE event
  • Answer quick-select, company-specific questions about the nature of the event
  • Describe the event and attach images
  • Log the request to be actioned by the HSSE department
  • Receive email with confirmation and reference number
  • Remain updated about preventive actions

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Work Portal app

Engage with your contractors through a digital platform. Assign work to contractors and track the progress of the work. Simplify commercial transactions by getting contractors to upload invoices and costing details, and validate the transactions before the work is submitted for approval.

With the Work Portal app, your contractors can:

  • View work assigned to them
  • Update progress on their work
  • Update their work order feedback
  • Update cost items for their work orders
  • Upload supporting documentation

Service Request

Get more people to contribute to your asset management or facility management success. Enable different stakeholders to log service requests by simply scanning a QR code on the asset with their smart device. Receive more data, respond more quickly, and improve the performance of your asset or facility.

With the Service Request app, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate with Active Directory or with email only
  • Scan QR code of the asset
  • See open service requests for the asset
  • Log request
  • Receive email with service request confirmation
  • Improve response time
  • Remain updated about progress

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Field Engineer app

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your field service engineers on site during field inspections. Our native Field Engineer app makes site information available and facilitates site activities in a user centric manner.

With the Field Engineer app, your field engineers can:

  • Do over inspections
  • Inspect open work requests
  • Confirm and update asset attribute values
  • Request changes to the asset register
  • Create new work orders
  • Record general asset inspection
  • Conduct work offline

Work Order sign-off and approvals

Streamline your Work Order sign-off and approval process. Only relevant information is shown to the approver, with supporting documents just one click away.

With the work order sign-off and approval app, the approver will be able to do the following:

  • Review the details on the work order
  • Review the spare parts with the unit prices and totals
  • Review the contractor rates and totals
  • Review supporting documents
  • Approve and sign off the work order

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Key Benefits

  • Cloud based apps focused on solving a specific challenge
  • Apps designed for usability and quick user onboarding
  • Rapid development and support of new features
  • Web apps or native mobile apps (iOS and Android) with offline capability