On Key Insights

Providing business insight and driving improvement

Have an informed opinion and create a culture of data-driven decision making. On Key Insights provides business intelligence and reporting through a set of standard enterprise asset management apps. “What gets measured, gets managed.” ~ Peter Drucker


Work Management Analysis app

Understand the impact of your improvement plans, statutory compliance risk profile and your team’s behaviour and spending patterns. Let your data work for you.

With the Work Management Analysis app, you will analyse and report on:

  • Schedule Attainment
  • Statutory Task Compliance
  • Maintenance Backlog
  • Cancelled Work
  • Percentage Tactical Work
  • Work Order Distribution
  • Work Hours Distribution
  • Labour Cost
  • Spare Cost

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Asset Reliability and Health Analysis app

Manage failures with reliable information. Discover which asset types, assets and components are failing the most. Analyse how much downtime these failures cause and how long it takes to repair these failed items. Use the jackknife to assist you in identifying focused improvement projects.

With the Asset Reliability and Health Analysis app, you will analyse and report on:

  • Breakdowns
  • Downtimes
  • Mean time to repair
  • Top failures, failure types, root causes and repair types
  • Breakdowns and average repair times for items compared to their peers

Asset Operations Insights app

Getting a handle on your production operation is critical to the success of any business. Analyse the different components contributing to your Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) and identify the main reasons for availability, performance and quality losses. The metrics are displayed over a variety of dimensions to highlight anomalies.

The Asset Operations Insights app will give you insight into:

  • Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE)
  • Utilisation
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

Financial Insights app

Take control of your maintenance expenditure. Discover which sites, locations, asset types and assets are responsible for most of your expenses. Analyse your costs over different time periods to see how expenses have increased or decreased and to identify outliers for further investigation.

The Financial Insights app will enable you to:

  • Compare the YTD costs with PYTD costs
  • Report on costs per expense type
  • Investigate how different types of work are contributing to your expenses
  • Compare actual costs to budgets and manage remaining budgets

Scheduled Reporting

Do not waste time recreating the same report every month. Have consistent information delivered straight to your inbox. Alternatively, get the latest version of any report online from wherever you are.

The same information used in the On Key Insights apps is reused in static reporting.

A report can be sent in a variety of Microsoft Office formats, enabling you to add your comments before you pass it on to your team. Confident that your content is final? Send the report to the team in PDF format.

You can also customise a report according to a recipient by filtering out data automatically before distribution.

Customised analysis apps

No two businesses are the same and neither are their data needs. Standard solutions can only help you up to a point. To take your operation to the next level, you need to be able to measure the factors that will ensure your success.

On Key Insights can solve your unique business intelligence and reporting needs, exactly the way you want. Take ownership of your data. Some customised analysis apps include:

  • Life Cycle Costing analysis app
  • Condition Monitoring analysis app
  • Spatial analysis app

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Key Benefits

  • Standard Insights apps are based on best practice KPIs
  • Power users can customise apps and share findings with team
  • On Key Insights apps can be enriched with external data
  • Customised Insights apps can be created to address unique business challenges
  • Static reports based on Insights apps can be distributed via email or made available online
  • All apps are mobile ready and can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets