Why become a valued partner

On Key’s partner network is developed to provide clarity and support for each partner to maximise their opportunities and ensure customers receive the best product offering and support for their requirements.

What partnership options are available

There are three partnership channels, each with a unique benefit scheme tailored to it:


You tap into your existing network to pass on leads to Pragma.

Successful leads lead to commission.


You have the rights to offer On Key and support services as your main product.

Your main aim is to sell On Key with the aspiration to co-implement with support from Pragma and then support the client to achieve bottom line results.

Value Added Reseller

You have the rights to offer On Key with your other systems.

You tailor turnkey digital solutions to meet customer needs by combining different products into comprehensive bundles, which involves integration and support services.

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What are the benefits of becoming a valued partner

From generous commission to brand collaboration and mutual success, joining On Key’s partner network is richly rewarding.

Lucrative Commission
Earn generous commissions based on the total license amount for each active On Key EAMS client where you were involved in the sales process.
Profitable Regional Opportunities
Secure a partnership for On Key EAMS within your designated region, maximising your market presence.
Expert Support and Implementation Services
Leverage Pragma’s expertise for seamless system implementation and ongoing support, ensuring client satisfaction.
Flexible Business Development
Take charge of your region’s business development and sales efforts, showcasing your entrepreneurial skills.
Continuous Revenue Stream
Enjoy a continuous revenue stream with commissions on active On Key licenses, fostering a long-term and  mutually beneficial partnership.
Consulting Opportunities
Maintain the freedom to offer non-On Key EAM consulting services to clients, expanding your service portfolio.
Brand Collaboration and Marketing Support
Access Pragma’s brand, logos, and marketing materials with approval, enhancing your marketing efforts for a stronger brand presence.
Mutual Growth and Success
Join a program designed for mutual growth, where success is a shared journey between On Key and our valued Partners.

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Become a valued partner