14 June 2023

Congratulations to Pick n Pay for their outstanding achievement in securing the prestigious Value Achievement Award at the 2023 SAAMA Awards. With their unwavering dedication, strategic decision-making, and implementation of the On Key EAM system, Pick n Pay has demonstrated its commitment to optimising efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experiences.  

Learn more about our collaboration with Pick and Pay below, or find the Pick n Pay case study here. Other case studies are accessible here.

Taking Control with On Key EAM

In an ever-changing retail landscape, Pick n Pay recognises the need to prioritise customer satisfaction and operational excellence amidst numerous challenges. They proactively addressed their facility and asset management needs by partnering with Pragma and implementing the On Key EAM system. This decision allows them to streamline and automate processes, freeing up valuable time for their internal teams to tackle unexpected obstacles efficiently. 

A Dashboard for Success 

To monitor and optimise their maintenance practices, Pick n Pay designed a first-of-its-kind dashboard that provided real-time insights into planned preventive maintenance versus reactive work. The dashboard enables them to make informed decisions based on actual cost data down to individual asset and work order levels. By leveraging the dashboard insights, Pick n Pay achieved substantial cost savings of R31 million over the past year, with an additional potential savings opportunity of R28 million.

Optimising Maintenance Strategies

With their customised dashboard, Pick n Pay gained granular visibility into maintenance activities, enabling them to identify the optimal maintenance mix for each asset type. By focusing on preventive maintenance, they achieved a remarkable 45% reduction in overall breakdowns. Moreover, their efforts resulted in a 47% improvement in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) across all work orders, demonstrating their commitment to providing efficient and uninterrupted customer service.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Pick n Pay’s investment in the On Key EAM system allowed them to make data-driven decisions confidently. The system’s robust validation and quality assurance processes ensured the accuracy and reliability of the data obtained. Internal Quality Assurance teams regularly audited the workflow processes to maintain the highest standards of credibility and accuracy, driving continuous improvements in the system and enhancing the overall asset management strategy.

A Well-Deserved Recognition

Pick n Pay‘s outstanding performance and recognition at the SAAMA Awards demonstrate their dedication, vision, and innovative approach to asset management, providing customers with a world-class retail experience. This award celebrates their achievements and underscores their valuable contributions to the retail industry’s knowledge base of asset management.

Implementing the On Key EAM system and leveraging real-time data insights has optimised Pick n Pay’s maintenance practices, reduced costs, and improved overall business performance. We applaud their ongoing commitment to excellence in the retail sector.