17 October 2023

Running a dairy product production plant poses various challenges, primarily centred around food safety and product quality. Maintaining stringent food safety standards is crucial, as any lapse can lead to contamination, spoilage, or even outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. Regular equipment maintenance, including pasteurisers, homogenisers, and storage tanks, is paramount to ensure the plant operates efficiently and within the prescribed health guidelines. Proper maintenance prevents equipment breakdowns and ultimately safeguards consumer health and trust in dairy products, making maintenance a cornerstone of food safety compliance in the dairy industry.

“On Key provides the client with a support tool to manage all work requests from the Production team while also ensuring that preventive maintenance is planned and executed.”

Key challenges

  • The client’s previous CMMS was not configured with preventative schedules, and the team only scheduled reactive work, without closing the work orders once work was completed.
  • The Purchasing department created duplicate work orders to buy spare parts, which were also not closed.
  • Historical maintenance data extracted from their previous system was incomplete and inconsistent.
  • The multiple internal stakeholders involved with their outsourced maintenance management solution were misaligned.
  • There was a lack of internal alignment towards maintenance management tactics.
  • A simple solution was initially required with an ambition to grow towards more comprehensive functionality.

Our intervention

  • Pragma assisted in cleaning up and converting the supplied master data information into import information, which was further reviewed and updated by the client.
  • Pragma introduced and implemented the Asset Register Administration and Work Planning and Control business processes and configured On
    Key in alignment with these processes.
  • We imported the reviewed data and created default profiles (views) for the functionalities to be used.
  • We provided training for the administrators and users to ensure that they understood the processes and functionality to plan and schedule work and close the work orders after the completion of work.

Value add

  • The client’s internal team and their outsourced contractor responsible for the creation of maintenance schedules have an increased focus on preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Our involvement with monitoring the input and flow of the work has improved the quality of data.
  • The production department now creates work requests directly in the system increasing management efficiency and alignment.
  • Improved data velocity enables the client to make much better decisions based on accurate asset related information.

Client background

  • Our client is a global supplier of dairy products with a manufacturing facility in Ireland.
  • The client has been in business since 1897 and has a proud tradition of excellent production processes. The current manufacturing facility was
    opened in 1972 and is still being expanded.
  • In 2013 the client changed their identity as part of their growth strategy and in 2018 Pragma was asked to assist with implementing On Key as a maintenance management support tool.