29 March 2021

Maintaining 250 conveyor sections per distribution centre posed several challenges around the planning and control of work, the location of these assets and actioning follow-up work.  The Field Engineering app was the solution.

Client Background

The client is a major clothing retailer in Southern Africa. Over the last 54 years, the brand became a firm part of South Africa’s history and culture. With more than 2 200 stores, they are the biggest single-brand retailer in Africa.  The client has multiple distribution centers across South Africa, with a large amount of conveyors moving boxes from receiving to dispatch areas.

Key Challenges

Maintaining about 250 conveyor sections per distribution centre created the following challenges:

  • Cumbersome initiation of work planning and control process
  • Manually printing of weekly preventive inspection work orders (approximately 500 pages per week)
  • Experiencing difficulties locating correct work orders and assets
  • Capturing all work order feedback manually
  • Long process to action follow-up work.

“ Digitisation of processes is one of the key focus areas for Pragma and our client. This inspection application has greatly assisted in efficiency and moving to a paperless environment“
– Tertius Janse van Rensburg | Business Area Manager

Pragma Intervention

  • An asset verification and barcoding project was conducted to ensure the accuracy of the asset register
  • OEM recommend maintenance plans were uploaded into On Key by asset type (type of conveyor section)
  • A RAD (Rapid Application Design) app was developed to digitise the process of performing preventive maintenance inspections on conveyors
  • Work order profiles were created in On Key to simplify tracking and actioning of both inspection and follow-up work orders
  • Inspection reports were developed to enable Facilities Managers to view completeness of inspections
  • On Key Insights model (QlikSense Report) used to track schedule attainment of inspection tasks

Value Add

  • Reduction in paper use
  • Increase in data velocity
  • Streamlined process flow
  • Digitisation of workforce
  • Structured maintenance plans
  • Transparency in work planning and control process
  • Dynamic reporting

Tools and Technology

  • Pragma On Key Enterprise Asset Management system
  • Field Engineering App
  • On Key Insights (QlikSense powered by Qlik)