29 March 2021

Keeping track of assets and keeping them operational in a flexible environment where assets constantly move on exhibitors’ requests, is tricky. Our client realised the need to take control of this aspect of their business.

Client Background

Our client is one of the leading convention centres in South Africa and has been in operation since 2003. This large facility covers over six hectares with exhibition and trade show space in
excess of 1,000 m2. It is a popular venue with several events hosted every month, always involving the movement of assets and the transformation of individual locations. They provide catering from various kitchens throughout the centre, and support services are spread across the venue.

Keeping track of assets and keeping them operational in such a flexible environment is tricky, and our client realised the need to take control of this aspect of their business.

Key Challenges

  • No asset register management process, resulting in inaccurate asset register reporting, depreciation and overall management.
  • Poor control of untagged assets not being maintained via asset register.
  • No centrally formalised and documented maintenance management processes and systems to effectively:
    • manage the asset register
    • plan, control or manage work (sections doing maintenance in their own way)
    • develop suitable asset care plans and maintenance tactics
    • track or record the history of work performed on assets or asset life details, resulting in poor reporting on asset level.
  • Very slow data velocity as a result of a paper-based and manual process.

Pragma Intervention

  • Pragma partnered with the client to help them take control of their asset base and put processes in place to maintain it. The project kicked off with an Asset Identification and Verification (AIV) project to physically identify, verify and tag all assets. We used our AIV business process and recorded over 16 000 assets on a mobile application. The asset data was used to configure an asset register in On Key in conjunction with the appropriate work planning and control and asset register business processes. The data in On Key was integrated into Syspro’s asset module to manage the financial depreciation, accounting and reporting of the asset base.
  • The next step included the implementation of a change control and configuration management procedure to keep their data accurate and dated. A call logging process was introduced to ensure all work requests are officially logged and processed to keep track of all work performed.
  • Lastly, we enabled the client’s team to customise the dashboard and reports according to their exact needs.

Value Add

  • Peace of mind that all assets are tagged, accounted for and configured in a financial management (Syspro) and maintenance management (On Key) system.
  • Real-time alignment between the financial and technical asset registers are maintained with a stable interface.
  • Process implemented to continuously verify assets and ensure assets are tagged and brought into the required system on receipt.
  • Formalised work planning and control for the different sections to suit the needs of the various user groups.
  • Mobile work order management increasing data velocity, accuracy and reducing paperwork.

Tools and Technology

  • Asset Identification and Verification (AIV) Business Process
  • AIV mobile application
  • Asset Register (ARE) Business Process
  • Work Planning and Control (WPC) Business Process
  • Syspro Asset Module
  • On Key EAMS
  • On Key Work Manager Mobile App
  • SSRS Reports
  • On Key Analytics Dashboards
  • Integration between On Key and Syspro Asset Register