29 August 2023

Dive into the transformation ignited by On Key at two illustrious, five-star havens in China. Confronted with the mammoth task of curating an unparalleled guest experience and managing a large contingent of maintenance and housekeeping staff, the client hungered for streamlined workflows, turbocharged efficiency and unwavering compliance. The transition unfurled seamlessly through tailored On Key EAM configurations, translating its interface into Chinese and orchestrating integrated solutions.

“With On Key’s enhanced functionality and configuration attributes, we have elevated our ability to deliver on our brand promise. Running a top-tier maintenance operation, On Key helps us enhance the guest experience, ensuring our guests enjoy a truly exceptional stay at our resorts.”
– Ignus Zietsman, On Key Business Area Manager –

Key challenges 

As two prestigious five-star luxury resorts in China, delivering an exceptional guest experience is paramount for this client. However, effectively managing a large workforce of maintenance and housekeeping staff, coordinating communication, tracking work requirements, and utilising data proved to be a significant challenge and administrative burden.

To address these challenges, the client sought a maintenance management system partner who could understand their unique needs, configure a system aligned with their brand promise, streamline facilities management workflows, boost efficiency, and ensure compliance.

During the transition from Maximo to On Key EAM, the dedicated On Key team focused on deploying seamless integration solutions and facilitating staff adoption through effective change management processes.

Our intervention

  • Customised configuration of On Key EAM to match client requirements, including operations roles, user profiles, and dashboards.
  • Full translation of On Key EAM’s front end and its applications to Chinese.
  • Configuration of On Key EAM and its applications to match the client’s business processes.
  • Launched a train-the-trainer programme for effective knowledge transfer.
  • Customisation and deployment of the On Key Work Portal and Field Engineering application.
  • Deployment of On Key Insights, our business intelligence (BI) platform and end-user training.
  • Development of integration solutions to enhance efficiency.
  • Configuration of Zabbix, an enterprise-class open-source solution, for server health monitoring, early detection of performance issues and automatic IT notifications.

Value add

  • The client now enjoys an integrated, paperless maintenance operation with streamlined workflows, enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy and reduced costs for managing maintenance processes.
  • Established a centralised electronic asset register for more efficient physical asset management, accurate tracking, improved financial management, enhanced security, compliance and streamlined collaboration within an organisation.
  • All unplanned or reactive maintenance and housekeeping-related work orders (system generated and work identified by housekeeping staff) are automatically allocated to relevant resources based on availability.
  • Enabled maintenance and housekeeping resources to provide realtime feedback conveniently through the On Key Field Engineering app, ensuring accurate and relevant information for enhanced data accuracy.
  • Implemented a comprehensive business intelligence reporting platform, On Key Insights, to analyse and visualise data, gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and improve the maintenance function’s overall performance.
  • All planning processes are automated, streamlining the entire maintenance and housekeeping function and freeing up personnel for other work.
  • Accessing On Key’s front end and applications in Chinese facilitates effective communication, understanding and utilisation of the system.

Client background

Our client owns two luxurious hotel and casino resorts in Macau, China. They offer 2,716 elegant rooms, suites, villas and a vast casino space measuring 62,800m2. Additionally, there are 28 dining options, 6,300m2 of meeting and convention facilities, 15,000m2 of designer retail space, spas, salons, a remarkable art collection and other attractions.

The client boasts a large in-house maintenance team comprising 2,000 engineers, technicians and housekeeping staff. Impressed by the enhanced functionality and configurability, the client transitioned from a an industry-established maintenance management system they had used for several years to On Key.