30 March 2021

Prowalco manufactures and supplies fuel pumps and dispensers with associated repair and maintenance services to their clients. To comply with the Legal Metrology Act to ensure that instrument measurements remain accurate, they required an interface to handle the creation of follow-up work orders in On Key to re-calibrate relevant assets.

Key Challenges

The Legal Metrology (LM) Act ensures that consumers receive the quantity of goods, as declared by an importer, manufacturer or retailer on a pre-package. It also ensures that instrument measurements remain accurate, within prescribed limits of error, where measuring instruments are used to conclude a transaction. In September 2019, the South African government changed the LM Act, which directly affected Prowalco’s work management operations. Some of the key challenges addressed:

  • Calibration needed for the replacement of specific master items,
  • Strict work completion SLAs,
  • One of the first interfaces built solely using On Key Integrate.

Pragma Intervention

  • Pragma was approached to design and develop a software interface to help Prowalco adhere to the modified legislation. The On Key Integrate and Pragma operational teams developed the solution.
  • The team designed an interface to handle the creation of follow-up work orders in On Key, to re-calibrate the relevant assets.
  • The affected assets were flagged in On Key for the interface to identify them.
  • Pragma used the Rabbit Messaging Queue service to establish when a work order changes to a predefined status and automatically creates a follow-up work order with all the fields populated as requested, as well as a dynamic ‘Work Required’ field.
  • This, in turn, means that a contractor can be notified and despatched to the relevant asset to do the equipment calibration within an acceptable time, adhering to Prowalco’s service level agreements.

“This is a robust integration solution with zero downtime to date and opens the possibility to many more automation tasks within On Key”, Pragma Business Intelligence Engineer

Value Add

  • Continuous process monitoring ensuring pro-active Pragma intervention when necessary.
  • 95% of work orders are created within 25 seconds of the trigger.
  • Work order generation time decreased, resulting in faster work turnaround in support of SLA achievement.
  • To date, no interface errors or problems experienced in the production environment.
  • The fluctuating and high amount of record changes in On Key are accepted and processed seamlessly.

Tools and Technology

  • On Key Integrate, supported by the Dell Boomi AtomSphere
  • On Key 5
  • RabbitMQ service