13 July 2021

Key Challenges

  • The FMC is committed to optimising their work, planning and control processes to improve efficiency and save costs. Pragma embarked on a journey to digitalise their business process using a range of fit for purpose applications.
  • The Shell Global Management team wanted to understand the digitised process and the exact role and value of each application.

Pragma Intervention

Pragma illustrated the role and features of the following applications within the process:

  • Retailer Portal: Enable Retailers to log a call by scanning a QR code
  • Field Engineering application: Simplify and optimise the process of onsite field inspections
  • HSSE Logger: Captures all HSSE events logged and translating them into useful data
  • Work Manager Application: Maintenance is performed in a digital environment with real time data transaction at the point of performance
  • Contractor Portal: Simplifies the process of managing information of work delivered and payments by various contractor

The assurance, performance and waste reduction of each application was listed.
Short explainer videos were created for each application.

Value Add

  • The Shell Global Management team has a clear understanding of the digitalised processes and their supporting applications.
  • A 20 minute overview is now available to inform any of the Shell management team of how all the application form part of the work, planning and control process.
  • Centralised data source with several applications.
  • Demonstrates the extent of Pragmas information management and control.

Tools and Technology

  • On Key Enterprise Asset Management System
  • Retailer Portal
  • Field Engineering application
  • HSSE Logger
  • Work Manager Application
  • Contractor Portal