18 October 2023

“The main On Key system was translated into French so that French-speaking users could use the system in their language.”

Key challenges

  • With 95% of users unable to speak English, the project implementation was very challenging.
  • Our client has multiple sites, and this specific site was the sixth site where On Key and the business processes were implemented according to the companywide standards which we developed for them. There was some resistance to the implementation as the staff at this site preferred their old ways of doing things. Effective change management, therefore, had to play an important role.
  • The On Key system and any user training material had to be translated into French.

Our intervention

  • Development and implementation of standardised Work Planning and Control and Engineering Stock Control business processes.
  • Implementation of On Key based on agreed standards.
  • Implementation of On Key Express.
  • Implementation of On Key Analytics.
  • Training staff in using the system and adhering to the business processes.

Value add

  • Standardised business processes.
  • Standardised and improved reporting capability.
  • Implementation of On Key Material Manager.
  • Increased data velocity ensures transparency and increased control over Material Management activities, eliminates duplicated activities, and assists in ordering parts more timely.

Client background

Our client was established in Ireland in 1969. Since then, the company has grown into one of Europe’s largest private-label pet food producers. Initially, the company focused on supplying private-label canned pet food to the Irish and UK markets but has expanded to include Pouch and Alu-tray formats. Today, the company operates in 11 locations around Europe, 9 of which operate major production facilities. Pragma’s On Key has become a vital part of their operations in recent years.