What are the benefits of a CMMS or EAMS, like On Key, for retailers?

Time is a scarce commodity in retail and a resource that could be used better with an enterprise asset management system (EAMS) or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). In a retail environment, an EAMS or CMMS should typically streamline the workflow process, automate everything that makes sense, and manage exceptions instead of the bulk of your maintenance-related activities in a proactive manner. Other benefits include control over statutory compliance, risk reduction, cost savings, increased asset performance, and having the right granularity of information, enabling informed decision-making regarding suppliers, contractors, and asset replacement.

With all of this in mind, what are the important factors to consider when choosing a CMMS or EAMS? Experience has taught us to consider the following:

  1. Providing a slick workflow
  2. Developing a flexible system that can integrate with ERP systems properly
  3. Helping clients to save money

Look at the rest of this page to discover how the On Key Suite addresses your needs.

Software success

A system that works

Massmart, powered by Walmart, won the Global FM Association’s Technology Award of Excellence for the successful implementation and use of On Key EAM to streamline their workflow process, increasing efficiency and gaining a 25% time saving.

Watch the video to the right or read more about the award, here.

Case study


Digitised facility and asset management

Make informed decisions on the go

Digitising your manual processes makes them easier to manage, saves time and saves costs. A recent project at Pick n Pay resulted in a 13.4% decrease in repairs and maintenance costs.

The right system of record, apps and business processes makes this possible. This is how Pick n Pay did it.

Case study

Service Request app

Resolve work requests faster

With this app, responsible staff members can log a work request simply by scanning a bar code or a QR code – no need to phone a call centre.



Sign-off and Approval app

Give the go-ahead

Managers can approve work while ‘on the go’ with their mobiles. No need to run to your desk. Less time wasted.

Work Portal

Know who is working on what

With the Work Portal, you know which technician or contractor has been assigned to work on your assets or equipment.

The app also gives contractors the ability to manage their work by status and assign work to responsible technicians on a user-friendly portal.


Field Engineering app

Be in the know

The Field Engineering app lets you know the exact progress of a repair as it happens. How does it work?

Technicians provide real-time feedback, failure analysis, photos and voice notes whilst performing work with an app that guides them through the entire process.