Implementations geared for successful asset management

A well-implemented enterprise asset management system (EAMS) holds significant benefits for any organisation. It provides an integrated system to track and manage assets, resources and materials. Supported by cross-disciplinary business processes such as planning and scheduling, warehouse management and asset register administration, your EAMS should equip you to make the informed decisions in time.

Designed based on solid engineering principles for asset owners, On Key is implemented only by Pragma-accredited asset management specialists. By implementing the system with the appropriate business processes in mind, On Key clients can expect to get the maximum value.


Smart learning, engineered

As a client, you can rest assured that your team will be equipped with the skills to aid you in extending the life cycle of your enterprise assets.

To ensure the optimal use of a system, users have to understand the system’s overall
purpose and the different features that enable the system to fulfil this purpose. Purposeful
training helps users to become more effective and productive in using a system when
performing their work.

Pragma – the owner of On Key EAM – presents training courses to equip users to use the system successfully. Users can enrol for specific standalone modules or opt for one of three learning pathways that provide a targeted training approach to equip learners with the necessary knowledge to fulfil their duties in the system.

On Key Training Schedule On Key Training Brochure

For those wanting to do their own troubleshooting and upskilling on specific features, we offer a range of “How To’s”. These videos can be watched here.


Hassle-free, safe and optimised for On Key

If you opt for our hosting service, you have peace of mind that your data is secure without the complexity of managing your own IT infrastructure. Clients hosting their On Key software with us enjoy the benefits of:

  • optimal configuration of web service and database indexes
  • fast and stable hosting
  • secure asset data with up-to-date anti-virus, intrusion prevention and firewalls
  • proactive maintenance of hardware, software and security
  • latest generation hardware
  • offsite data replication
  • tested disaster recovery plan (monthly and annually)
  • fast, efficient support from dedicated staff

Asset Management Services

Smarter asset management services, engineered

In itself, no EAM system is the silver bullet to increased asset performance, contained risk and keeping costs down. If you are committed to responsible asset management, On Key and its supporting asset management business processes give you the competitive edge by directly contributing to improved efficiency and profitability.

The Pragma group of companies is the proud owner of On Key. The correct configuration, implementation, and effective use of an EAM system are fundamental in realising proper asset management benefits. For more details on the asset management services offered by Pragma, visit their website.

Pragma Services

End User Device Requirements

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