6 June 2022

Pioneering outsourced facilities solutions provider, Tsebo, has taken yet another step in leading the way to increase their competitive advantage and disrupt traditional facilities management services in Africa.

Tsebo has partnered with Pragma to use On Key, their enterprise asset management suite of software and applications to up their game to better streamline their work management processes and improve control over asset and facilities management data. The Tsebo-Pragma partnership is set to disrupt the facilities management industry by using technology to improve the efficiency and performance of the facility, while reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

“As our Group Chief Executive Officer Tim Walters says, we use technology to augment excellent service delivery and I am confident that the On Key maintenance management system will enable exactly that. In Pragma we found a partner with a solid asset management track record who not only understands our needs, but challenges our processes and supports our business to develop and implement a customised digital solution to take our service delivery to the next level”, says Aubrey Mc Elnea, CEO of Tsebo Facilities Solutions.

Asked what excites the Pragma team about this partnership, Dirk Janse van Rensburg, MD of On Key Software Solutions says that it is such bliss to partner with a future-focused client who embraces the use of technology to stay relevant in a fast moving and connected world.

Gone are the days when equipment fails, and someone discovers it by accident and scrambles around to get it fixed. Now, things happen instantly, without compromising the quality of work. Slick automated processes, enabled by mobile apps remove traditional red tape inefficiencies, ensuring that the right work gets done, at the right time, by the best resources within budget. During initial discussions, Tsebo’s requirements were very clear. They wanted a technology partner that is willing to collaborate and constantly improve the technology in support of their facilities management best practices. With Tsebo providing services to a broad range of sectors over broad geographies, a standard one-size fits all solution would not work for them. They needed a system that could keep record of each clients’ unique asset related risks and statutory compliance requirements, while managing different service level agreements for both clients and their vast range of contractors and technical staff.

“An accurate asset register is fundamental to managing a large portfolio of assets and facilities. We have to know exactly what assets we are taking care of, what their condition is and how they are performing.  Breakdowns cost businesses money and can cause severe reputational damage. As our client’s facilities management partners, we need to prevent this from occurring. With professional maintenance regimes in place, we not only extend the lifespan of the assets but through timeous interventions keep costs under control. To keep a tight handle on all of this, we need data at a granular level for each of the facilities that we manage. On Key has powerful reporting abilities which give us this granularity,” says Aubrey Mc Elnea. The implementation of On Key EAM technology across the Tsebo Facilities Solutions’ contract portfolio is well underway and Clients are already experiencing the benefits of this new partnership.

On Key EAM is a best of breed enterprise asset management system. If you would like to know how On Key EAM can elevate the reliability, maintenance or facilities management practices at your organisation, irrespective of industry, book a demo today.

Tsebo Facilities Solutions is one of the largest and most sophisticated Facilities and Technical Service Providers in Africa Middle East. Learn more about them, here.