30 November 2023

Join Juan Vermeulen, the dedicated product owner of On Key Plus for the past four to five years, as he shares insights into the meticulous development journey of On Key Plus. In this video, Juan discusses the pivotal aspects of evolving On Key Plus, emphasising the importance of maintaining feature parity while embracing new technology. He delves into the core principles guiding the product’s development, such as scalability, security, and user interface enhancements. Juan highlights the iterative process of incorporating client feedback, ensuring that improvements align with user needs. He also outlines the significant strides made in performance optimisation, enabling faster operations within the system. Discover how On Key Plus’s solid architecture and API-first approach pave the way for seamless integration and robust security. Join Juan in celebrating the success stories and ongoing enhancements that shape the future of On Key Plus, as it continues to evolve with client-centric improvements and innovative features.