10 February 2020

At the heart of most industrial and commercial operations is a power source that is dependent on a transformer. On Key Connect uses a set of technologies to help organizations continuously monitor the health of oil-filled transformers.

On Key Connect offers the complete end to end solution. A set of sensors and predetermined monitoring points is configured for oil-filled transformers.

Monitoring points include moisture and hydrogen content of the oil-filled transformers. Additional parameters are also monitored to determine other critical health conditions; such as a relative saturation indication that looks at both the moisture content and its oil temperature.

Sensors are connected to an edge device, which securely transfers data to the On Key Connect cloud platform, from where real-time dashboards are displayed. Rules, data streams and alarms are created to ensure that the correct action is triggered in the EAMS when an anomaly is detected or threshold breached.

On Key Connect creates peace of mind for asset owners, knowing that oil-filled transformers are in good health and prevents potential loss of production, parts of operations and even fatalities.

On Key Connect, connecting assets to digital twins.