10 February 2020

On Key EAMS facilitates the process of planning and processing of MRO spare parts. Spare parts can be categorised in On Key together with the relevant storage and supplier information which is used to support MRO item stock holding. 

Bill of material items and critical spares can be configured on asset types to support stock management and purchase strategies.

Optimize planned work by preconfiguring spare parts linked to preventive maintenance tasks. Spare parts can also be planned for reactive maintenance tasks in On Key.

The requisition functionality facilitates the issues and returns of stock, non-stock items, direct purchase and contractor items on work orders.

On Key’s replenishment functionality manages re-order levels and a purchase order process that supports purchase orders, receipts and credit note functionality for MRO spare parts.

Manage stock by performing Stock Takes, Stock Re-evaluations and Stock Transfers to manage the MRO warehouse.

Alternatively, integrate your ERP or financial package with On Key and manage the planning, requisitions, issues and purchase orders in On Key whilst keeping the ERP seamlessly updated with real-time transactions.

On Key EAMS, connecting enterprise asset management information.