10 February 2020

The Asset Reliability and Health analysis app provides you with an overview of the reliability and maintainability of your assets.

KPIs such as Breakdown Count, Technical Downtime Hours as well as Mean Time To Repair will help you identify areas in your operation responsible for poor availability.

As with all of the apps in On Key Insights, the KPIs are documented with examples to ensure that you know exactly what is being measured.

Each KPI can be explored further on a sheet where the specific KPI is shown over a multitude of dimensions to highlight problem areas.

The Jack Knife graph in the app shows how items are performing in relation to their peers. Items which fail more often than others and which take longer than average to repair are brought to the user’s attention in no time. The isolation of these items for further investigation can be done in a few selections. These items can then be drilled down into further to find the real culprits.

The data making up the graphs is two clicks away and as with all apps, you once again have access to the detailed records for discussion with your team.

On Key Insights, providing business insight and driving improvement.