10 February 2020

On Key Insights Reporting allows you to scale your business intelligence to an enterprise level with scheduled static reporting.

Existing data and objects from On Key Insights analysis apps can be reused for static reporting which drastically reduces the time needed to build reports and also ensures that all platforms reflect the single version of the truth.

Reports can be built in a variety of Microsoft Office formats such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word with easy drag and drop functionality. The designer allows you to customize the reports with all of the tools you normally have at your disposal in these Microsoft Office applications.

These reports can be sent in their Microsoft Office formats or in a PDF format if required. A Pixel Perfect PDF designer and HTML designer are also available.

The master report will automatically only send the relevant information to the end users based on user access. Reports can even be password protected on a user level.

Reports can be distributed to end users with scheduled triggers via email or they can retrieve the latest version of the report from a web portal using their login details. The portal also has the capability to store previous copies of the reports for analysis.

On Key Insights, providing business insight and driving improvement.