23 September 2016

Business leaders worldwide are buying into the concept of transforming their enterprises into digital business by leveraging Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies. This is fundamentally changing the way businesses perceive themselves as they move beyond simply improving internal business processes through digitisation. With the Internet of Things (IoT) they are also starting to tap into a broader array of clients, service providers and digital devices residing at the edge of their networks.

We will focus on the personal mobile component of this digitisation drive within the field of asset management where this is already seen as an absolute requirement, rather than a luxury in applications such as field service work management. Here the benefits to be gained from increased data velocity, improved data accuracy and better control over a distributed workforce is self-evident and players in this industry have little time to catch-up. Although the benefits are clear, there are numerous pitfalls which could detract from the success and value to be gained from embarking on a mobile  enabled asset management journey.

This paper outlines the fundamental attributes of mobile solutions which help to create value within businesses and will also look at a few applications within the expansive asset management arena. It then explores some important aspects of mobile enablement which should be considered before implementing a mobile enabled asset management solution. This paper concludes with some examples of mobile solutions implemented as part of Pragma’s enterprise asset management system (EAMS).